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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A slight change in plans...

So originally we were scheduled to go to Pondecherry tomorrow with our friends from NMS. But unfortunately they had some time conflicts, so we won't be going until next weekend. Which is actually not to bad because now we can catch up on our work that's due this week. (Although so far procrastination has been taking over).

Tomorrow we'll probably be on our own and will go and tour the city a bit.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't posted much lately or put up any pictures. For the record, I am still alive and my camera is still working, it's just that there literally hasn't been ANYTHING going on this week. Everyday this week has consisted of: waking up, getting ready, riding an hour to school, staying at school until 5pm, riding an hour back to the hotel, and by that time it's too dark to do much. :( It's unfortunate, but once our coursework is done, there will be much more room for sightseeing and I'll be posting many more pictures, stay tuned!

Today we did go out a  little though (across the street is "going out"). We had lunch at a place called "Soup & Salad Cafe" which was actually really cool. The person who started it has definitely been to America based on how it was decorated and the menu selection. But I did notice some differences in this Indian dining setting:

  • The term "barbeque" is not the same kind of barbeque sauce that we're used to. I ordered barbeque chicken and I honestly can't tell you what I was served. It certainly wasn't what I thought.
  • In America, all of the food is generally brought out at once, but here it was brought  out as it was prepared, so Carly ended up getting her entree much sooner than I did.
  • Same goes for drinks. My entree came with "endless lemonade" but the lemonade wasn't brought out until after it was made (I think it was fresh squeezed) and it was funny because I watched in the back as the man juggled 5 more glasses (we were the only customers), so I'm assuming those were all for me. Haha.
  • Desert was brought out after, but it was ordered at the same time as the entree, which I guess happens sometimes in America, but not typically.
Afterwords we proceeded to a REALLY nice shop that had three floors of amazing Indian gifts. The basement contained all handcrafted material like statues, boxes, and all sorts of fun stuff. The main floor consisted of jewelery, the finest silk scarfs and clothing. And the second floor had dozens upon dozens of handmade rugs! They were so detailed and super cool! Had I not been a 19 year old student with a one bedroom apartment and no means to transport it home, I totally would have gotten one!

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