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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chips taste like Mcdonalds fries

After being here a few days, we are starting to get adjusted to the food. Last night was basically the start of our food adventure when we arrived at the hotel buffet only to find that the restaurant was only serving one meal. I suppose you could say we were 'force fed' since we had no other option and refused to starve, but none-the-less it was good for us to not have any option because it made us try something new without fear of getting sick. Since then, we've eaten every meal provided, being a bit selective, but certainly getting enough to eat.

Today we also went to the law firm where we'll be doing our project. Unfortunately we'll be spending the majority of our time inside (class, working, or sleeping) but  we are getting six credits for this so work needs to be done, I suppose.

In other news, today we're missing all of the hot dogs, potato salad, posicles, and fireworks. My first (and believe me ONLY) independence day that  I'm missing. Happy 4th of july America!

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