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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Time to do work!

Now that our weekends are packed full of things to do, the time here is flying... which means our due dates are approaching very fast! I don't think I've mentioned this before, but here are the things we need to have completed by the end of our trip for credit:
  1. A paper that we work on daily discussing the top 10 issues we see in India. Two issues from each category: Social & Cultural, Political, Economic, Environmental, and International.
  2. A paper on our interaction at the CXO dinner we had this past Tuesday. What we learned from the professionals about their companies, positions, and their perspectives on India.
  3. A paper about one of our corporate visits. We can pick which company we choose and we have to do thorough research on the company before hand.
  4. A paper discussing our internship at the law firm, what we've learned about the workplace in India, and our suggestions for the software developer.
  5. A 30 minute presentation on the above. Which by the way we will be presenting to the son of the founder of the law firm, who has a Harvard MBA. Intimidating? Yes.
So we have a lot of work to get done.

Anyway, I forgot to post on here about Sunday night! Last sunday, the students from NMS did a traditional Indian dance performance for us! Then afterwards, we all got to get up and dance and learn some basic moves. It was so much fun! The diference between Indian dance and American is the body movement. They move parts of their bodies that I didn't even realize you could control! I don't have any pictures because like I said, we were having fun dancing... but this is one of the bollywood videos we saw after and learned the moves to. I'm sure you can find an American dance in there that you may have done as a kid...

And this is the worlds most interesting man by far. I aspire to know his dance moves:


  1. Those videos made my morning!

  2. Don't be intimidated by anyone, a degree is just that...a degree! Hope to hear from you soon! :)