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Sunday, July 15, 2012

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It was the coolest thing waking up to see that I had 106 page views in one day! Thanks so much for reading my blog, I LOVE being able to share my adventure with other people!

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Now on to the good stuff:

Yesterday was a PHENOMENAL day! Other than having to go to class, the day couldn't have been better. After lunch, we headed to Mahabalipuram to view temples that were built over 1,000 years ago! The architecture was absolutely incredible and the detail was exquisite.

I'm standing quite a ways in front of it to get an idea of the size.

Notice how the figures don't have heads? I'd love to explain to you why, but I couldn't understand our tour guide

Yes that rock is on a slant!

Again, these people are far from the temple, it's actually huge!

Just look at the handmade detail!!!

And you're worried about bird poop...

After visiting the monuments, we traveled to a beautiful resort where we got to swim and relax. Only in India have I ever experienced such bliss. It can't even be described, you'd have to see it for yourself.

The waves came right up to the resort, it was such a peaceful sound

Carly and I representing Gamma Phi with our crescents

The first infinity pool I've ever seen in person. It's called that because you can't see the end of it because the top of it merges with the ocean to create the illusion of a never ending pool.


  1. I thought you would be a bit browner by now. Too much learning time to tan?

    1. Uh, not exactly the comment I'd expect from her mother! (-;

  2. Wow, you are glowing in all your pictures; looks like someone is enjoying themselves!