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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not quite what I expected...

A bit of a rant, reader discretion is advised

I deeply apologize for not being able to post everyday. As stated before, the other Americans literally take up every bit of internet this hotel offers. I'm considering calling their professor to let him know his students are downloading movies in class. Haha. But now that I have a few moments of internet time, let me update you on my week.

Due to some miscommunication on Monday, we ended up not having class and instead just sat around at the school all day, which was fine by me. Then on Tuesday we went to the law firm for our internship and got some work done, but it is just that, an internship. Which means there are many hours of boredom because there's simply NOTHING to do.

Tuesday night however was a thrill. we had our CXO dinner and I got to sit at a table with an HR consultant. It was really informative and it will certainly be easier to write my paper now! Unfortunately I did not wear my Saree because I wanted to look especially professional, but I'll wear it soon enough. Then, to our dismay, we had to wake up at 7am this morning to go to a company visit, which wouldn't have been so bad... had we not been 2 hours early. But, our reward came when we found out that we didn't have class this afternoon. :) But we do have another company visit tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be learning about business in India and I understand the importance of my course work, but I honestly imagined there would be more room for exploration to different sites, temples, shops, etc. I feel like our life in India consists of 30% sleep, 15% transportation time, 10% eating times, 5% daily hygiene, and 40% work or school indoors. I want to ride elephants, mingle with the locals, experience the beaches, and take pictures like it's my job. I'm not saying that the other students are to blame, but it is rough being on their schedule.

Hopefully if our plans are approved, we will go to the beach early Saturday morning, and hopefully to Pondicherry on Sunday with the NMS students. But until then, I suppose the only thing to do is catch up/get ahead on work.

Front view of Chennai traffic, not sure which lane we're in.

A nice lunch restaurant near NMS

Carly & I at the CXO dinner.

View from the top of L&T (company we visited), standing on a fiber glass platform.

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  1. You look VERY professional and absolutely FANTASTIC in your CXO dinner pic. I'm so VERY VERY proud of you!!