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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Indians like Akon

We typically have our breakfast and dinner meals in the hotel resturant (which is very nice by the way). And everytime we go there, or anywhere for that matter, someone is ALWAYS playing Akon! I'm not talking about anything new either. We're talking like "Smack that" and "Angel". Even when we turned on the TV they had Indian music videos featuring Akon. I guess I never realized how great he is. Hmm.

After my rant last night, we spontaniously decided to take (our first) tuk tuk ride to the beach. The conversation with the driver went a little something like this:

Him: Where do you want to go?
Us: To the beach. How much?
Him: For you, 100 rupees.
Us: We'll give you 40.
Him: Are you kidding? You can't get anywhere with 40 rupees?! I'll take 60.
Us: Thanks, but I think we'll walk.
Him: Fine. 50?
Us: Ok sounds good.

For those who don't know, that's less than $1. It was quite a win.

The beach was very interesting. Nobody wears swimsuits, nobody lays in the sun, and nobody goes in the water, except to dip their feet. The beach wasn't very clean. There were many, what seemed to be, homeless people sleeping under the shade and trash was absolutely everywhere. The water however, was exquisite! We only stepped our feet in, but the temperature was cold enough to cool you down but warm enough to where you wouldn't have to hesitate to get in. It was amazing.

Of course, being the smart person I am, I left my memory card in my computer, so I didn't get any pictures of it. But Carly got some which I can post soon and I'm sure we'll go back so I'll take some more.

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