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Friday, July 27, 2012

Everything's cheaper in India!

Today being our last day at the  law firm, we are now finished with all of our courses! Now to write our reports... Hmmm. Anyway, we decided to celebrate/get ready for our final papers by going to the Spa!

But before I continue, I have to tell you the craziest thing! We saw an Elephant in the back of a truck on the road, AN ELEPHANT!!!! And it wasn't like a baby elephant or anything, it was normal sized. But of course, it drove away too fast for me to get a picture, but Carly got one, so maybe I can post it later. Only in India...

Now back to my spa story. We found a really nice one near by and I've always wanted to get hot stone massage, but of course in the United States they start at like $120, plus tax, plus a 15-20% tip. However, the service sector of India is especially cheap, so I got a 2 hour hot stone massage for about $70 (including tax and tip)!! It was such a relaxing and soothing experience, the best way to describe it is "phenomenal". If anyone ever gets a chance to get one, I highly advise it.

That's the thing I like most about choosing to study abroad in India. Because of the low costs, I'm able to do things I'd never be able to afford in the U.S. So if for nothing else, you should attend India for the unbeatable prices!

Well I've got to get to bed soon because tomorrow we're getting up bright and early at 6am for our trip to Pondicherry with our NMS friends!

Relaxing as I wait for my massage room to be ready!

I didn't actually take this picture, but this is the exact room I was in!

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  1. Britt,
    I love reading your daily blogs. Actually I read them out loud to my coworkers. I am very proud of you, i could never go to another country alone! Brave girl! Love that you are getting an education that you can't find in a book. Hope the rest of your stay is fun and I pray for a safe trip home. Take Care
    Love you,
    Aunt Londy