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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Home: The land of Oppurtunity

This post does not reflect India (or any other country) as a whole and should not be taken that way. There are exceptions to every generalization

Coming to visit is one thing, staying for a month is another, but I could certainly never see myself living or working here. As an American I guess I was just brought up with certain expectations and, what I considered to be, rights (although I now see that these are privileges compared to a lot of the world). I expect that I will get a good education, work hard at my career, marry my true love, and raise a family. All of which, are my choice, a choice that others may not have. The concept of the "American Dream" truly is unique to America in the sense that, if you want something in life, you can work hard to get it, and even if you don't get it, you're still better off than where you started.

There are people in this world who are, in my opinion, trapped. And it is especially prevalent in the caste system. Imagine not being able to climb up the social ladder, get a promotion, or move into a nicer home than what you have. Some individuals can only move horizontal, if that, and in parts of this world there are social gaps that can't be broken by an individual, purely because that person was born into the family from the wrong side of the tracks.

Now let me give you something to think about: Why do you do, whatever it is that you do? Whether it be working, going to school, raising a family, or whatever the case, my question to you is "Why?".

Maybe you want a better life for yourself than your parents, maybe you do it for a higher power, maybe you want recognition, or maybe you just do it because you would be lost without it. Either way, you have three things that are special and that you should be grateful for: Motivation, Choice, and Opportunity. The quality of life that we have in America is so superb in relation to other countries.

So while some people may be upset at the fact that China is becoming number 1 and India isn't far behind, just think about what kinds of lives the majority of the people have to live for their country to be number 1.

Something to think about for the day.

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  1. I only wish the rest of America was reading your blog, especially right now.