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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The voice in my head has an Indian accent

I find myself subconsciously mimicking the behaviors of the locals. Here, more commonly in the south, Indians do not nod nor shake their heads but rather they bob their heads. At first I was really taken back by it and worried that I did something wrong, but now, I understand. It is an expression of saying "I understand" on response to someones question or what they are saying. In addition, I notice that I am speaking more and more without conjunctions. My sentences are becoming more clear and concise because that is how Indians speak English and it is easier to relay messages that way.

Even more positively, the car rides are no longer nauseating and I am beginning to identify landmarks on my way to school. Also, my milaria pill is no longer causing sickness. So its a win all around. (Speaking of wins, fun fact, one of our courses is labeled "Winning in India", could it get any better?) Tomorrow I will take a video on my ride to school so that those in the states can get a feel for what it's like to drive in an area with no traffic laws and no speed limits. In the mean time, enjoy these photos complimentary of today.

Cool story: Today was the first time in my life that people have said "Happy Independence day" and my reply was "Thank you". Everyone here knows about the 4th of July. They also have an independence day from British rule on August 15th. That's TWO independence days I'll be missing!

By the way, you can click a photo to see it closer up.

The home size widely varies, from small huts to apartments to even palaces.

Yes, they do have american food!

The traffic won't stop for humans, cows are another story.

By whatever means necessary, people manage to get from A to B.

Celebrating our independence day with pizza huts cheese pizza (only vegetarian options here), garlic bread (literally like texas toast, not bread sticks), and chocolate truffle cake! YUM!

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  1. You should try to get a video of the people bobbing their head. I'm trying to picture it but I just can't get a visual. Looking forward to the video of your ride to school :) I love you!