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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Die hard Burger fan goes Veg

Given my hesitation for the chicken (although I may attempt that KFC in the end), and the fact that eating a cow is taboo, I'm now on a vegeterian diet. Believe it or not, I am constantly feeding on fruit, veggies, bread (The indian bread is AMAZING!), and rice. Alright so I may not have completely opened up yet to the food, but I'm here for five weeks, trust me, I'll get sick of rice at some point. And can you believe that Brittany Garza is actually eating things good for her? Crazy.

Don't let the cake fool you, it's spicy!


  1. Are you on a vegetarian or a veterinarian diet? I can't imagine why you would need to eat like an animal LOL

  2. I love reading everything you've put in your blog. Its like you should write books or something!!! Miss you!

    By the way, this is Aubri :)